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I, much like anyone else these days, have gone in a million different directions throughout my life.  As an avid sports fan growing up, I naturally wanted to play professional soccer when I grew up.  I was born and raised in Alvarado, TX, I have always had a passion for knowledge in construction.  So when I started working, I was able to work for a contractor. He had me doing every different kind of job there was because he said someday I might need to know how to do it.  I loved everything about building houses and the pieces of the puzzle that had to be put together.  I originally wanted to play professional soccer and followed that passion until I realized that I was better at football where I played football (four years) and soccer (one year) at the collegiate level. 



As for a major in college, I started off seeking an accounting degree and quickly couldn’t bare the classes and thought of being behind a desk every day, so I changed degree into mathematics major.  Things turned towards education as my dream of becoming a professional soccer player came to an end, but my big dreams of coaching soccer grew where shortly after I graduated from college I began a coaching high school soccer.

I was all in on this journey, with it sending me to Marshall TX where I served as the heads boys soccer coach for five years and then moved to Wylie TX where I have been for the last 7 years.  Over those twelve years I taught many different courses but really enjoyed the geometry course with applications.  The year before I left Marshall I met the woman of my dreams in my now wife, Alicia. After moving to Wylie (where my wife was born and raised), we had two boys that have been the biggest blessings of my life.  I then decided that being a teacher/coach wasn’t the thing I was really being called to do. Luckily my best friend and person I coached against for many years.  Michael knew my background and passion for detail on many projects throughout the years, so beginning this journey was second nature for me. 


I started with MorethanStuds just a short while ago, but I love being a part of something special with this business.  I feel like this is the position God has put me in to gain new, lasting friendships, and to help others in a new and exciting way.  I am just getting started here and cannot wait for what is to come.

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